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  • Writer's pictureharu Doable New Year’s Resolution: Sit less

The hardest part of the winter holidays is getting rebooted in the first week of January. I found out that Monday the 11th of January is officially Clean Off Your Desk Day so whether you’re a hardcore Marie Kondo practitioner or just someone looking for something to tick of the New Year’s Resolution checklist, here’s one in addition to Good Housekeeping’s list of doable New Year’s Resolutions. There are 60 of them so hopefully you’ll find a couple you like. My favorites are: #40 Write to yourself, or #43 Make chaotic zones calm, or #56 Take more trips with no destination in mind.

And from there’s one more new year’s recommendation: Sit less and wiggle your piggies more. At the beginning of the pandemic, my video screen told me, “You have been recorded for nine hours.” Not surprisingly, my legs had turned into turnips, which is, well, not good. Sitting for long hours has been compared to smoking a pack of cigarettes a day, and according to kinesiologist Jack Callaghan, the sit-stand ratio at your desk should be somewhere between 1:1 to 1:3, or, at least every 15minutes of every hour you’re sitting.[1] This includes those of us who have pets who like to use us as chairs – show your kitty or pooch the University of Waterloo study then get up and have a good stretch.

So pat yourself on the back for completing the first work week of 2022. Wishing you find the time to do lots of new and surprising and silly things this year!

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