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Me, Haru, the masher behind I mash international celebrations with stories, some are true (T) and some are fiction (F) but I’ll always tell you which. T or F, these stories come from having grown up in different parts of the world, attending eight schools and then college before becoming an academic, partner, and mother in yet further corners of the world. I've accumulated lots of stories I need to tell so here they are. If you like them, click on the little heart ❤️ button, or write to me in this private space: Can't wait to hear from you!

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And Nerd me:

Everyone has an obsession. Mine is the magic mash of language and culture. 

It started when my father’s work took me to New York City when I was four. At four, if you want to live and have friends, you have to learn the local language and culture. Quickly. I learned English then relearned Japanese when we moved back three years later, and ultimately, to survive the relentless tsunami of languages and cultures that kept coming my way every three years, I formalized my learning in a Ph.D. in Linguistics at Georgetown University, Washington, DC.


I left a chunk of my heart in all the places I’ve lived and worked and have family: London, France, Arizona and the coasts of the US, Singapore and Nagano. Maintaining all those bits of language and culture is busy business but I’ve indulged in the patience and kindness of friends and family and looked after the formalized part by writing books on intercultural (business) communication, which you can find here. All the other stuff is here in this blog. If you like the read please hit the heart sign ❤️ and leave me a comment. 

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