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The Space Between Light and Time

Autumn is my favorite season. The air is crisp and ready for transition. In this mid-September week, the sun casts its light in exactly the same amounts over the northern and southern hemispheres. Day and night are equal in the Autumnal Equinox.

In Wiccan mythology, autumn is special, too. Mabon, the son of Light, ends summer and begins winter. The bringer of darkness reminds us to pause and collect, to sweep away unhelpful old habits and make room for new wonders for the coming spring.

In the Japanese season of Higan, an autumnal pause connects the shores of life and death. And so, autumn arrives, in the space between light and time.

Equinox is here

Sun over the equator

For both North and South

Mabon is here too

Harvest season to give thanks

Reap what has been sown

Ohigan is here

Shores near and far unite us

Blood, bones and spirit

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