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TLP 101: What is Your Season?

My season is autumn, even though my name Haru means Spring and is written with the character, Sunny. Bless my mom who said sunshine was for every season, not just the Spring. Thank goodness. I love the autumn sunshine.

Autumn sunshine isn’t just for jumping in a pile of raked leaves although it definitely is that, too. Autumn sunshine is the smell of burnt wood in your hair. The sound of the old boiler trying hard to keep you summer warm. The failed turkey that served up laughter at the table. What autumn sunshine is, is maybe even the dinner for the cat with cancer. Autumn sunshine, like spring sunshine, is what brings life, just with all the gnarly bits.

This autumnal Sunday, we’ll be graced with a full moon in the northern hemisphere. In the UK, this Hunter’s Moon will be at the apex of its beauty just before 22:00. We’re supposed to be on the lookout for it from about eight o’clock onwards. When the earth is at the closest to the equator, the sunshine reflected in the Autumn Hunter apparently appears six times brighter. Even with all its craters.

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