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New Moon & Kanreki 還暦 60th Birthday Milestone (T)

Forbes’ chief stargazer Jamie Carter says that as the four celestial bodies, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury and the waning moon lined up this past week, Saturday the 13th of March marks the new moon. In the coming week, I’m hopping over that Kanreki 還暦 60th birthday year milestone and looking forward to what many Asian countries call a second childhood.

This week the UK also took its first step towards reopening primary and secondary schools after having been in a third lockdown since January. And now that I’m freshly *vaccinated and sporting a new free 60+ bus pass I’m counting on the Kanreki symbols of the pine tree (still in our garden) for strength and courage and bamboo reeds (also in our garden) for endurance and resilience to back me as I get out and enjoy my second childhood. Metal Oxen mates or any Zodiac – who’s in?

*PS Check out the 17 languages on the UK NHS vaccination invite leaflet: Respect!

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