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For Every Queen and her Corgi Everywhere All at Once

Spanning 14 UK American Presidents, 14 Prime Ministers and 30+ corgis, Queen Elizabeth II has had the longest reign of any British monarch. The UK is celebrating the Queen’s 70-year reign over the 2-5 June four-day weekend, beginning with the Trooping of the Colour and a flypast above London and finishing with parties that have the guest appearances of the Queen of Motown, Diana Ross, singing since the 70s, and Ed Sheeran, writing songs like the Joker and the Queen for twenty years since he was 11:

… And I know you could fall for a thousand kings And hearts that would give you a diamond ring When I fold, you see the best in me The joker and the queen…

And still, in her other universes, the Queen’s reign has been a number of love stories, with her father, King George VI who brought home her first corgi, with her current corgi, Muick, with her late husband, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, the Queen’s consort alongside her corgis until he passed away in 2021, and with her four children, eight grandchildren and twelve great-grandchildren. Her life has been a love story and a jubilee, just as writer and producer Walter Chaw says in his Patreon review of the film, Everything Everywhere All at Once (2022) all our stories are:

Life is a series of terrible events punctuated by moments of sublime grace. If you don’t savour them, you miss every reason to be alive.

Wishing good jokers, kings, queens and corgis in all our multiverses moments to savour this jubilee weekend!

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