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Birthday Mothering Mash

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Haru, Mother, with Cross-legged Sculpture at Karuizawa New Art Museum, Feb 2023

This weekend I’ve got a personal mash to share – Saturday is my birthday and Sunday is UK Mothering Day, the first of three Mother’s Days I’m blessed with in my multicultural home.

UK Mothering Day is also celebrated in Nigeria, Ireland, Guernsey, Isle of Man and Jersey on the March 19th 2023. Meanwhile, the US, Japan and at least 96 other countries celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May (May 14th 2023). France and at least 13 other countries celebrate Mother’s Day on the final Sunday of May, unless it coincides with the Christian holiday of Pentecost, the 50th Sunday following Easter as it does this year (May 28th 2023). In this case, Mother’s Day in France falls on the following Sunday (June 4th 2023). Elsewhere around the world there are Mother’s Days in all months except January and September, which really means that you can and should celebrate Mother’s Day in every month of the year!

For all mothers and children, here’s a favorite haiku mash. Happy Mothering Day!

On Mothering Day

Be crazy Be lazy – Be

Anything you want

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